Resource Corner: “Unbelievable?” Podcast

March 29, 2022

Do you ask tough questions of your faith? If not, may I encourage you to? We have the enormous privilege of believing in a God who stands up to even the most rigorous scrutiny, and yet often we are totally unequipped to stand up for our faith to those who wouldn’t call themselves Christians. That’s why, this week, I recommend Premier Radio’s “Unbelievable?” podcast.

Host Justin Brierley is regularly joined by believers and atheists alike to wrestle with big, sticky questions. You won’t find an easily digestible, spoon-fed answer to some of these tough questions, but what you will find is gold. You’ll find challenging, thought-provoking debates as some of the world’s foremost Christian thinkers present a case for Jesus in issues as wide ranging as:

– Is there medical evidence for miracles?

– Why does God allow suffering?

– Is the Trinity compatible with the Koran?

– Should Christians practice Yoga?

– Did Adam and Eve exist?

– Is the church guilty of Trump idolatry?

– When leaders fall

– Is God a misogynistic bully?

– Are tongues, prophecy and charismatic gifts for today?

This is just a sample, and it’s really a masterclass in thoughtful, charitable dialogue over complex issues. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that your brain is STRETCHED, and hopefully, it will cause you to worship God with greater awe and reverence than ever before! 

For that reason, this week I recommend the “Unbelievable?” podcast.


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