Resource Corner: “The Unsaved Christian” – Dean Inserra

April 7, 2022

There’s a strange phenomenon in North America; Dean Inserra labels it “Cultural Christianity.” This, he writes, “is a religion that . . . is practiced by more Americans than any other faith or religion. . . It looks and sounds very Christian on the surface, but is merely Christian by culture, rather than conviction.” (p.13). It’s subtle, but insidious: people think they are saved, when in actual fact they aren’t. 

Inserra addresses this challenge in his book, “The Unsaved Christian – Reaching Cultural Christianity With the Gospel.”


Cultural Christianity is alive and well in Central Alberta, making this an extremely helpful read for any Christians interested in reaching the city for Jesus.

Inserra discusses how to overcome obstacles to those aorund us caught up in cultural Christianity and leads us to remember the vital and wonderful news of Jesus. “The Unsaved Christian” may even convict us as we read it. Are we more steeped in cultural Christianity than we realise? As Inserra writes, “Many Cultural Christians don’t know the difference between what they believe and true Christanity.” (p. 61). Sobering stuff. May that not be said of us, Lord!

What part does church membership play? What about politics? What about society at large? What happens with cultural Christians at Christmas and Easter? 

Inserra answers these questions superbly well, and for that reason, this week we recommend reading “The Unsaved Christian” if you can find the opportunity! 


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