About Us.

Our Interim Leadership Team

At Trinity, we believe in a complementarian, elder-led form of church leadership. In the absence of three or more elders, Trinity is led by an interim leadership team.  Though the ILT does not function in the same way as elders, we are very grateful for the ILT’s temporary leadership of the church.

Dave Betts (Elder)

Brian Barritt (Elder)

Lois Bos

Cathy Glazebrook

Gary Heistad

Our Beliefs

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Crucified One, Risen
Lord and Saviour of the world, by preaching the Gospel as contained in the Bible, teaching the Christian Faith, serving our neighbour in love, especially those of the household of the faith, and
praying and working for the unity of all Christians.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to know Christ and to make Him known.

Our mission is to facilitate the advancement of the Kingdom of God (Matt. 28:19)


We believe in God the Father, Creator of all things, one eternal God revealed as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We believe the Bible transcends culture. The Bible is the Inspired and Inerrant Word of God in its original form. God continues to speak through the Bible. The Bibles is the definitive and final revelation, the source of doctrine and the authoritative standard for the Christian Church and for the whole world.


We believe in the creation, test and fall of humanity as recorded the Bible; that from birth we are spiritually corrupt and therefore totally unable to attain divine righteousness and eternal life.

The Gospel

We believe in the Good News; that Jesus Christ suffered and died by crucifixion to pay the penalty for our sins, was buried and rose from the dead three days later; and that He bodily ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father as Lord of all, making
intercession for His people.

Jesus Christ

We believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God and one true Saviour, conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, very God and very man.


We believe in salvation for sinners, by grace, through faith; that there is no way to receive complete forgiveness and eternal life other than through faith in Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross for our sins

Holy Spirit

We believe in the person of the Holy Spirit, that He calls humanity to account regarding sin, righteousness and judgement; that He indwells, empowers and purifies believers, leading them into all truth; that His charismata (gifts of the Holy Spirit) are for believers today and should be exercised by the church according
to the guidelines given in Scripture.


We believe that those who accept God’s free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, confirm their acknowledgement of Jesus Christ as Lord by public baptism in water by immersion. This is done in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord to the glory of God
(the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) as an act of obedience and expression of our faith and covenant relationship with God.


We believe that after death, believers in Christ receive eternal life in the presence of God (heaven), while those who die as unbelievers suffer eternal separation from God (hell).

Second Coming

We believe that Jesus Christ will personally return in glory and power for His church and will judge mankind, both living and dead.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, we’d love to connect with you. Find an elder on a Sunday or send an email to info@trinityreddeer.ca/ .

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